Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My most hilarious friend ever! Who inspire me so much. You know, when with her i can't take a breath, my stomach hurts and i can't stop laughing. You know we all have that one friend whose laugh is funnier than the joke, well she is that friend for me. When she start laughing i laugh even more just because her laugh is hilarious! Rus, a.k.a. Skic... She is procrastination master, in a good way. If she has an assignment and she has 1 week to finish it, she will start doing it 9 hours before the deadline. But she is so focused then, except the fact that she panic sometimes but that's what makes it fun. 
Few days ago she called me to meet at 11:30 am. Promising she's not going to be late... well. She was late again. But then it's so cute when you see her running towards you: "I tried, i swear... it's just 5 mins, you know the traffic is so bad". I'm trying to play it mad and look angry but nah. 
Well actually thanks to her i bought my first guitar. She found it on the internet and we went to pick it up from the guy. It was kind of fast deal. Hi. Hi. Guitar. Money. And he run away. bwahaha.
I love spending time with my friend. We two are Skic and Strike. Actually i can't remember how did we think those nicknames. She is like my daily dose of laugh. If i don't write for her here it would be a loss for my blog. I like teasing her. But one thing is for sure... it's hard to argue with her. One thing is - she knows a lot of things about a lot of different topics and she often is right, the other thing is she doesn't like losing argument haha. She knows all my secrets which of course makes it easier for her to tease me. We have our inside jokes, which if i share with you, dear who's reading this, would be hard to get it. But I am sure that I am gonna write about her again here. Since this is supposed to be funny and cool blog. Her name will be mentioned often. She is one of those people who keep the child in her like one of those who stop the microwave at 0:01 to feel like a bomb defuser.

Dear, friend! I know you are reading this so i want to thank you for being who you are!

Now dear reader go hug your friend. If you don't have friend like mine go find one coz it's freaking awesome!  

Monday, October 14, 2013

The nurse in my life...

Here I wanna talk about a nurse. Gosh she is a pretty nurse. I’d love being sick if I knew that she’d be my nurse. I’d play sick. Or I’d be really sick. Don’t really care. What matters is her smile. That smile can cure all the illness in the world. She is so polite visiting you in your room to give you your medicine. Oh my… leave that. Just smile and I will be fine. I wish I could find a way to pack her smiles and the way she looks in small bottles, you know. So that every time I feel low I can check my pocket, get that bottle and “drink” from her beauty! That sounds creepy? Sorry lol I didn’t mean to. I just can’t stop thinking about her. Cold December, pain and sorrow and there she is coming to turn things around. She is sunshine. I am not even that sick but I am still dreaming of the nurse. Some nights I wake up in despair trying to call the nurse, but she’s not there anymore.
By the way, isn't it funny how you hate rice and then one day you meet Filipino and you can eat rice every day, all day? What kind of sorcery is that? “losing your mind” that’s how this disease is called. Also known as “falling in love”. Falling in love with a nurse was the best decision of my life. You know… when you fall, the person catch you and then you two go flying together, on a journey!!! If the journey end someday, you have parachute, mine didn’t open but I had my nurse and she healed me after I fell on the solid ground.
But isn’t it awesome how nurses care for you like they know you for years and they just met you today. They are so strong to witness life and dead every day.
There is a saying: "When you are a nurse, every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours". What is it called when one nurse is your whole life? Luck! J This nurse is an angel. I wanna thank her for healing my life from unknown disease.

And remember: "Nurses dispense comfort, compassion and caring, without even a prescription". 

Dedicated to The nurse in my life.

Note: this is to be taken metaphorically!

Another day...

Heeeey! How is it going? Cvet here!
I am still sick but i can type... i was waken up this morning by my alarm at 8 am. Actually i was waken up by my roommate way earlier. She's awkwardly trying to be quiet, and every time she makes some noise at 6 am she looks at me like O_O which of course makes me laugh and it's too late to sleep then. I tried talking to her but no sound came out of my mouth. Losing my voice. I guess that is something good for my neighbours coz i will now stop trying to sing. I finally woke up around 9 am. (Sometimes i feel like i need 2 days just to wake up) Looked outside the window. Damn! Foggy autumn day. How i wish i could stay in bed, but instead i have to go to the university. But i am sick. :( but i gotta go.  Took a shower and the water was either too hot or too cold. You can never fix it the way you want it to be. You are like "oh finally perfect warm water aah". And then somebody here decides to turn on the tap and you are suddenly in hell. eh, that's life. Done with that. Dress up. Breakfast. All the way it should be. Still can't say a word. I sound like a baby kitten - wanna meow but i can't. Shocks! I am freaking late! I decided to use the other elevator which is kinda Faster. When i arrived at floor 1st, i really felt so dizzy i needed time to adjust my walking. It like grabs you suddenly. You press the button and BAM! you are there. Walking like retard...
Bus stop! "Bus arrives in 10 mins". Well i can just wait. Waiting and waiting and waiting! look again: "Bus arrives in 20 mins". What the... fox?! Well i decided to take another bus which i thought is ok too. Well it wasn't! I went somewhere i should't be. That's fine i found the right way.

Actually, you know if i had one dollar every time i was late, i would start getting late. But the truth is, i am always in time. Or even earlier. But i am so good at explaining stuff. For example if you ask me for directions, well i can make you get lost even in your own house. :\ 
I miss my childhood, where the hardest decision was picking a crayon. Now you just use pen. Miss the hard decisions, yeah! My mom always tells me i talk in my sleep, but nobody at school has ever complained about it. Which makes me think i am probably better at math while asleep?

Then back in dorm. My roommate was there. She's funny girl telling me how she got lost because she doesn't know the city well, and she cried. Cute! But she made this tragic story sounds funny. (and no! this time it's not because i told her where to go, i didn't give any directions, proud of myself). She was just talking about how she usually always drop things on the ground, spill stuff or break stuff. But since she is here nothing of the above has happened. And there we go... She spill her water, then drop and break the glass. I wonder how am i still alive in here, but since i am clumsy too. Good thing is that she is organised... i don't need to think excuses like: "i am bored let's clean your desk".

To sum up... I wake up every morning planning to be productive and then a voice in my head says "Haha good one" and we laugh and laugh, and take a nap. Procrastination master, I salute you!

Hope you having a nice day. Remember to laugh at your mistakes. ^^

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Being sick

Hi there angels! 
Hope you're doing good! Hope you're not sick! It's enough that i am. I was perfectly fine last night then i woke up this morning and BAM! Sore throat. You know how when you are sick people are always trying to take care of you and bring you so much food. Why don't they bring me that food when I'm ok? But when I'm sick and my appetite is gone, tons of food around me. The good side of being sick is that you can stay in bed whole day... And you're just lying in your bed and complaining about your runny nose with your weird voice. And you're trying to fall asleep because you feel so weak but then you can't breath because of that stuff going on with your nose. It's like a waterfall or something. You cover yourself with blanket coz its so cold... oh now its so hot. Fall asleep, finally! And then you wake up because you have to pee. But you know if you get out of bed it's cold and you can't move because your whole body hurts. What if i pee in bed? Oh no! That's a bad thought anyway. It's gonna be warm at first but then... damn. Gotta go. And then you see your mom carrying 5 pills and cup of water. And you play asleep so you don't need to take those pills. Ahh... childhood memories! 
I wish i could write more about sickness, but right now it's hard to think. Feels like my brain is liquid. Feels like my head pulsate. Feels like my hands can't function normally. Feels like... nap time. Again.  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lemme introduce myself...

Hi there my dear boo boo! How's it going? Good? That's awesome, keep it that way! Bad? Oh, you are in the right place. Please let me make your day with my awesome weirdness!
There we go... My name is Cvet, you can call me Cvet or just however is ok with you. This is going to be some random stuff that i hope will make you smile or laugh or lol or you're just gonna leave this blog and never come back... hmm let's see how things are going to turn out. Oh btw, i forgot to say you are beautiful. Now that i got you, i'm gonna say i'm pretty cool too. wanna be friends? ok, *high5* now we are!

Random Land begins here:

Have you ever been left in dorm with 4 pink walls? No? Lucky muffin you are. Well it is pretty cool place minus the pink. My first night here was... awesome. Thanks to my dorm mates i could stay late that night so that i stare at the pink and get used to it... yes, they did everything possible to keep me awake until 3 am. What taste of music they have! I definitely know that one song by heart. So they got tired of keeping me awake and decided to go to sleep - around 4 am, then i fell asleep too. And the biggest surprise was waiting for me when i woke up in the morning and it was waiting on my head, and it was moving and it was cock-roach. I guess that little thingy felt good staying on my head while i was sleeping. Guess it felt warm there because my brain was working so fast that night. As every night. I am such an active dreamer. Now you know one more thing about me. I don't sleep, i dream. And how do i rest? I just take a nap in my dreams. So all in all that was a good waking up call from that cute BIG cockroach. Reminding me that the pink wasn't the worst thing in my new place. So that was just the first night then things got better. My dorm mates have one more song on their playlist, now there's suspense because i never know which of the two songs they are gonna listen to. And i have to tell you that some nights they listen to one of them and sing along the other. That's what i call exciting.
What's more exciting is the elevator here. It was 8 am i had to go for my first day at university. First time i got in the elevator a cockroach guide was waiting for me. Then I said "First floor, Billy". (that's what i called him - Billy, i guessed it was male because it winked at me). Billy pressed the button with his antenna. It was really a long ride down with the elevator. Billy and i had the chance to know each other better. That's how i made a deal with his species to respect my personal space. I never saw him again, later i heard he had an accident with a slipper. "It was Right" - that's the last thing he got to say, before he died, the cockroach police investigate the case, inspecting all of the right slippers in here. Anyways... First floor and i forgot to get my bottle of water so back to floor 12. And then down again. And it was already 3 pm, i was late.